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Diet is the primary intervention for T2D, and should be used to achieve remission in adults with T2D, of both normal and elevated BMI, and diet is the cornerstone for managing T2D combined with medical therapy  when deemed necessary (e.g., oral hypoglycemic drugs or insulin)…
Rosenfeld RM, Kelly JH, Agarwal M, et al. Dietary Interventions to Treat Type 2 Diabetes in Adults with a Goal of Remission: An Expert Consensus Statement from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. 2022;16(3):342-362. doi:10.1177/15598276221087624


This is a virtual consultation with the aim of developing an individualised plan to prevent, treat or control Type 2 Diabetes.


How does the consultation work?

  • consultations are virtual
  • you pay online
  • we contact you to set up a suitable time
  • you are sent a virtual link and a form to complete
  • we prescribe therapeutic lifetsyle changes and natural remedies
  • you receive a written report

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