Fertility Genetic Test



By analysing your genetic profile, this test can assess your genetic risk for early menopause, which also reflects your genetic fertility potential and risk of age-related infertility. Based on the analysis of over 743 genetic markers this fertility DNA test can provide valuable information to help you to assess female risk for early menopause and age-related infertility.

About Fertility DNA testing

Female fertility is largely determined by reproductive aging, which is strongly dictated by genetics (our DNA). Hundreds of DNA variants have been identified that affect the female reproductive lifespan – a time-period when natural conception is possible.

Although menopause is usually considered the endpoint of female fertility, fertility starts to decrease 10-20 years before actual menopause, causing difficulties with conception and in more extreme cases also age-related infertility.

Who is the Fertility DNA Test for?

While the Fertility DNA test is recommended for women of any age the following are some of the most important applications of the test:

  • Women under the age of late thirties which is when the decline in fertility commences due to age.
  • Women with fertility issues and planning for infertility treatment.
  • Women planning for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or oocyte freezing.

As a family planning tool especially considering the trend towards having a family at a more advanced maternal age.


The genetic risk assessment is based on the DNA extracted from your swab and does not consider your lifestyle and health status. The test result will be available within 15 working days from the receipt of samples at the laboratory.

Based on the risk estimation, the test results will also include personalised recommendations for reproductive options, such as:

  • Ways to enhance natural fertility.
  • Additional testing and medical examinations that can assist further investigation.
  • Options for assisted reproduction like IVF.
  • Egg freezing and fertility preservation recommendations.

Sample collection for fertility DNA testing

The test can be performed using standard DNA oral swabs. All that is required in the home kit will be sent following your purchase. Please follow swabbing instructions carefully and make sure to fill in the consent form correctly before sending back the samples.

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